Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Polyphasic Sleep Experiment: Days 4 and 5

Ok, so after Thursday morning's alarm disaster, I planned on starting over with the schedule I was on before: Core sleep from 11pm-2am, 20-30 minute naps at 7am, noon:30, and 6. However, plans never work out, right? Carter, dad, and I stayed up talking until 1am, so I was way past my 11:00 start time. So I decided to move my core sleep to the morning.

I had been considering this ever since the start of this experiment: Have my core sleep be from 4am-7am and then take naps at noon, 6pm, and 11pm. And that's exactly what I did. I managed to stay up until 4 and then (more miraculously still) managed to wake up at 7. And I felt amazing!

The reasoning behind this new schedule is as follows:
1) It's nice to wake up from the core sleep when it's light out as it helps me wake up
2) Staying up late is better for me than waking up early. I can just keep working on whatever project I'm doing rather than pausing and then trying to resume after my core sleep.
3) Going to bed at 4am is badass.

So I'm back on track now! My naps were consistent and fairly easy to fall asleep into today and now I'm about to head off for my core sleep once again. I still feel a little bit hazy, but I think that should clear up once my body and brain have a few more days to acclimate to the schedule. Most of the web articles about polyphasic sleep made the first week out to be a living hell. I guess I'm just special. Or maybe it's just because I'm young and indestructible. Either way is cool by me.

Awesomesauce. I'm out.

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