Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Polyphasic Sleep Experiment: Day 2

Good morning!

Somehow it's 3:40am. I woke up ten minutes ago. I set my alarm for an hour and ten minutes ago. WAT? Did I seriously just sleep through an hour of my alarm??

Well things are going pretty well besides that! I'm feeling a bit tired now, but nothing that I can't deal with. Yesterday went pretty well too: I got a bunch of stuff done in the wee hours of the morning (writing the blog post, listening to music on my Pono while reinstalling the OS on my laptop, taking out the trash, bringing in the milk, reading, etc.) I took my morning nap right on time at 7:00 and felt great after that.

By the time I was halfway through the morning, however, I was feeling pretty bad. Tired, grumpy, depressed.

Things soon got better though. I went out and did some shopping (no, I didn't end up buying any clam juice...) and returned just in time for my midday nap. Again, I woke up feeling great! Did some yard work, and went and got my first allergy shot.

After I came home I made my maiden voyage into the land of casserole creation with one of the tuna-shrimp-broccoli-cheese-mushroom-onion-noodle variety. While it was baking, I noticed that it was just past 6:00. Time for my nap! But the casserole was in the oven! What to do?!?!?!? Then I looked at the timer: 27 minutes left. I still had time to nap while the casserole was baking. That sorta blew my mind - I could still take my full 20 minute nap while dinner was in the oven. The coolest part is that when I take a 20 minute nap, it takes up exactly 20 minutes. Not 25, not 30; 20. I guess I had it in my subconscious that it would be one of those things that needed prep time or something.

I woke up, ran upstairs, and removed the casserole with 3 minutes to spare. One of the really cool things about these short naps is that I remember almost everything after I wake up. Not quite to the point where I have the same thought in my head that I did when I started napping, but close. None of that "waking up" period that I'm used to after a long night's sleep.

Then I ate, played guitar, played piano, fixed my pannier, watched an episode of Friday Night Lights, blah blah blah blah blah, whatever. Notre dame.

Then I went to sleep, and now here I am writing another blog post. I'm starting to plan things for this early-morning time period. For instance last night when I took a video of fixing my pannier, I intentionally left all of the editing for this morning. There's certain things that just won't fly at 4 am: Playing music, running the chop saw, cooking loudly... That's ok though. Because I definitely don't have a lack of quiet things to do. So the early-morning period is dedicated to working on my computer, reading, listening to music through my headphones, et cetera.

And the hilarious thing is that you all are still sleeping! Ha! Losers! ;)


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