Friday, October 16, 2015

Polls Show Sanders Won - Media Forcing Clinton to Top

No matter what your opinion is as to who "won" the Democratic Debate earlier this week, one thing is clear: The vast majority of the public thinks it was Bernie. Just look around the web - you'll be hard pressed to find a single pole that states differently. So then why is the media saying that "without a doubt...she is the Democratic Party's presidential front-runner" or that the Dem Debate was "Clinton's confident sweep"? In fact CNN posted the article about "Clinton's confident sweep" at 7:31 PST - One minute after the debate had ended. They have since taken down the article, trying to pretend that it never existed. Fortunately the internet is huge evil monster that sees and keeps everything and nobody is safe - even CNN:

This is such a ludicrous article - especially given that the poll embedded into the article at the time showed Sanders leading over Clinton 75% to 15%. Other polls indicate that this was not just an anomaly:

Some polls show the public favored Bernie's debate, followed by Hillary's.

While others go even farther: In this Time poll, Webb was over twice as popular as Clinton and Sanders came in with five times as many votes.

Even on Fox's site they can't hide the truth. In fact their pole is one of the most drastic: Sanders leading Clinton by over six times.

 In this poll, the poll data are shown. Votes from 100% of the US show Sanders in the lead.


So why are all of the big news stories touting Clinton's big win? It's obvious: If Clinton wins, they will make more money. They have her under their whips and will do anything to make sure that someone like Bernie doesn't become the next President.

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