Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hardliners: Day 3

Till: "I was sleeping very well until an ape came in my room and screamed and yelled and took pictures."

Then we dropped off the car at the repair shop and my aunt drove us home, stopping for breakfast burritos at Se├▒or Taco

After the car was fixed, we headed off for Vegas. Our plan was to cross the Hoover dam and take some photos, but unfortunately it is only open during the daytime. Instead we parked in a nearby overview and Till started climbing up the side of the mountain, so I followed.

And then we died and became ghosts.

Then we drove to Vegas baby!

And then proceeded to eat at McDonalds.

And then we partied like there was no tomorrow.

Then we drove for 45 minutes and slept on the side of the highway. See you tomorrow!


  1. Is the over view of the lake shot a night shot with a long exposure? I like the way you became ghosts. Is that a double exposure?

  2. The shots of Lake Mead are 30 second exposures at f3.5 and an ISO of 400 or 800 I believe. The ghosts photo is a 30 sec exposure with a front-sync flash, so it captured us in the first fraction of a second and then the rest of the landscape after we moved out of the shot. No post processing at all.

  3. Thanks for the explanation. Was that just a total experiment? ***Also, in examining at full size, I notice two things. 1) how wonderfully sharp / detailed all photos are (including the night shots) and 2) You got the BiG Dipper in your photo. I'm assuming that you knew that?
    If not, you do now. The long shutter night shots in and of themselves are fantastic! But with the BiG Dipper, totally over the top!!! Nice Job!