Monday, August 31, 2015

Hardliners: Day 2

After waking up at 5:30am, we began our journey into Grandy Candy. The sun was claimed to rise at 6:30, so we figured that we'd get to a lookout point in time to get some awesome photos.

In actuality, the sun rose at about 6, which is the same time that we got to the Desert View lookout

And then Till left without me.

Just kidding

At one of the lookouts, an idea hit me when I saw some people climbing to the top of an island of rock near the lookout. So Till and I gathered our cameras and my violin, and we climbed to the top to film some music video footage. 

After leaving the Grand Canyon, we drove South towards my uncle's and aunt's house in Mesa. Everything was going well until one of our spark plugs blew out. And then things weren't going well anymore. Luckily we were only an hour from our destination, and my uncle came and rescued us. 

Then we drove to his house, jumped into the pool, and ate some amazing stone-oven pizza. Yum.

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