Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hardliners: Day 4

We awoke from 1.5 hours of sleep, snapped a couple of photos, and were on our way.

We were almost running on empty, so we found a gas station to refill at.

Turns out they have the coolest bathroom in the world.

And we were off again.

We soon got into LA

And arrived at Zippy and Kelly's appartment

The car had been having problems ever since the middle of last night; a sluggishness in the engine, especially noticeable at idling speeds. After some research and diagnostics, my dad figured out that we needed new spark plug wires. The local NAPA happened to have the exact ones we were looking for. Once we switched them out, the Miata was running beautifully once again.

And we could eat dinner. Das ist Bratwurst, ja!

The end. 

Or maybe not.

You'll just have to come back to find out.


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