Thursday, September 4, 2014

California: Day 2, Monday September 1st

California Day 2
Monday, September 1st

After waking up on a set of uncomfortable outdoor couch cushions, relocating to a bed inside, and falling asleep again, I woke up for good and headed upstairs for a breakfast of pancakes and scrambled eggs. We then gathered our painting equipment and headed to the post office: we had a wall to paint. Yesterday Grampy had explained that several years ago he and our cousin Kelty had painted the wall and that a few days ago the postman had asked him to paint it again. When asked what color he wanted, the postman said any color would do so Grampy picked a nice bright purple. Four hours and a half of a pint of paint later, we had a beautiful purple wall with a bright white mailbox in the middle.

After going back to the house we jumped into the endless current pool that Grampy had installed several years ago in his back yard (as if having the ocean a block away wasn’t good enough…). After getting tired of regular swimming, we brought out the boogie board and did some endless boarding in the current. Soon it was lunch time, so we headed in for some quesadillas.

Before long it was dinner time, and Grampy’s girlfriend Joyce arrived. I was excited to find out that she was a professional photographer and that she had just bought the T5i. We conversed for a while about photos and Photoshop, and then Carter and I played a little fiddle concert. After switching back and forth a couple of times (and apparently thoroughly impressing Joyce), the concert abruptly ended with the explosion of my E string. Dinner time.

The food was extravagant and delicious as per norm with mom: walnut-breaded tilapia, noodles, capreze, bread and cambizola, stirfry veggies, and a flourless chocolate cake to finish it all up. After gorging ourselves, Joyce and I took photos of the dinner gathering, each one missing the photographer. The plan was for her to take them home and do a bit of Photoshop magic, but I thought that I might as well use my new laptop since it was sitting right there. Ten minutes later I had a dinner photo with everyone in it which, to my content, passed Joyce’s inspection.

After Joyce went home we watched another episode of Phych, and headed for bed. 

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