Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 2: Transit Museum and a Failed Attempt at Busking

You wake up with nothing but underwear on sleeping on a strange bed covered in silky green sheets with a glowing purple ball staring at you and the noise of NYC outside. And then you get up and eat cereal. At least that’s what I did on Wednesday, July 30, 2014. After breakfast I hopped on the C and went down to Brooklyn to check out the Transit Museum. To say that it was the best museum I ever went to would only be partially a lie – I think it ties with the Intrepid, and the London Transit Museum. But by putting on the level of those shows just how epic it is, in my humble opinion. After getting my fill of dying workers, collapsing road structures, electric motors, and old subway cars, I headed back to street level to explore a bit.

I hopped on the first bus I could find and chatted it up with the driver for a bit and when we got to the end stop I got off. I soon found myself on a pier overlooking the East River. Or is it the Hudson by then? Anyways, I then started playing the high five game (I’ll post a video soon) and waving at all of the “Friendly Yorkers”. As you might imagine I got about 5 waves out of the 25 to 30 people I waved at.

Soon I was back on the subway to the apartment. I grabbed my violin, tucked in my shirt, and caught the R to Union Square. I played for about 45 minutes at a couple different places and made an astounding four dollars – how generous these people are. I made my way back to the apartment and began a search for nightlife in NYC for the under 21 variety. I found a place that said it had a party-thing going on that was free to get into, so I hopped on the M and found myself walking through dark streets and ended up at what was called the Show Palace. I went in, but there was no one inside, just some really loud music. I looked at the Facebook event again and realized that the date was Saturday, not Wednesday. Damn. Back to the apartment.

I returned to a drunk cousin, which was quite a sight. After she made it to her bed, I watched a couple episodes of Psych and then Angela came home. We ate cheese and birthday cake Oreos and caught up on each other’s lives for the past lifetimes. Angela went to bed, and I watched another episode of Psych and then fell asleep in my silky green covers, this time with a turquoise ball staring at me.

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